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The female body is art.


^ yes



Raven Symone makes Sister Act debut at the Broadway Theater in NYC

Damn. She looks incredible. 

She is SO RAVEN!!!



Bottles of Gatorade Blue Bolt floating in a bath of Powerade Mountain Blast, 2013

Is this supposed to be art
Quitting sucks, so I know how you feel. I decided to quit cold turkey in November, and I'm still battling with the urges to smoke, especially when I feel anxious or depressed because that was when I would smoke. I hope that you know that you're not quitting alone and that there are tons of people here to support you

Thanks so much. I quit the day of my accident and I’ve been so emotional since then, I really feel like a cigarette would help since I’m stressing out so much but I’m holding off. I’m glad that you’re going strong for so long, knowing you did it helps, really.


so… who’s going to take the time to read the mug? why don’t you use a damn dixie cup? fuckin bongoloids.

untitled on Flickr.

This photo caused so much controversy when I posted it on Instagram, I was called a slut by people that didn’t even know me, and it’s really funny because in this photo I am relaxing TOPLESS at the BEACH next to my BOYFRIEND of THREE years. My body is mine, and I’m so fucking proud of it. You will not stop me by reporting my photos.

My dad skateboarding at Hyde school 1982. I think he was cooler than me. [x]



Tell me about a time where a white child was killed and black people made a hashtag mocking their death, a Halloween costume mocking their death, or a celebration of their death in any way shape or from. NEVER!!

Black pride has never been about hating white people, but white supremacy has always been about hating black people.


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